Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SS-3 PINDAD Bull-pup

SS-3 Specifications:
Country of origin: Indonesia
Caliber: 5.56 x 45 mm NATO/MU5 Pindad TJ
Magazine capacity: 30 rounds
Mechanism: Gas operated, rotating bolt
Weight: 3.4 kg (loaded)
Rate of fire: 750 rpm
Effective range: s / d 600 m (3 V1 & V2 SS), +1000 m (SS3 V4 Sharpshooter)

Bullpup is a firearm configuration, where the mechanisms and magazennya located behind the trigger. Configurations such as barrel length increases the ratio of total length of the rifle, which allows to make the same rifle with the barrel of a gun barrel usual, but the total length of the shorter rifles. Advantages in addition to shorter, is also relatively lighter.

Compared to conventional assault rifle, the length of the bull-pup assault rifle is generally shorter. The manufacturer claimed accuracy is better than a conventional rifle. This is due to pressure from the eruption is more restrained, due to mechanical guns behind. However, in the middle of the growing trend of production of the bull-pup rifle, the military response has not been balanced in a number of countries that enjoy a conventional assault rifle. Although the assault rifle-type bull pup many assault rifles are promoted as being the future (futuristic). Such conditions, it seems experienced since last two years. Development and production of bull-pup assault rifle developed rapidly in many countries. Thus, the entire army in the world, who use the bull-pup guns en masse, until now known only to England, France, Austria, Australia, and Malhaysia. U.S. superpower was not interested in using bull-pup rifle as the standard army.

Manufacture of weapons of Indonesia through PT Pindad did not want to miss, through projects SS-2000 (SS3-V1) which have successfully developed and was entrenched in indodefance 2006, although until now still not clear development, maintenance Affairs and the price is more expensive mechanical obstacle The main use of bull-pup rifle. Begitujuga development In Indonesia, many linked to the custom among the military, bull-pup rifles were deemed too short and less comfortable to use.

Here are some picture of the SS-2000 project (SS3 v1) artificial Pindad who had overpaid in the exhibition indo defance 2006 with the following characteristics:
  1. Operating system faithfully adopts piston gas system and the predecessor of the AK 47 SS1, SS2, FN FAL, FN FNC, Steyr AUG which has proven reliability. 
  2. Bullpup layout where the supply of ammunition is behind the triger group / trigger, gun figures can be trimmed up to 25% without compromising ballistic performance. The figure is very supportive compact weapon in the scenario PJD / close combat (Close quarters battle); suitable for use in anti-terror operation that often occurs in the building / buildings which have a narrow space. Another advantage is the man who briefly to adjust a rifle with an average body posture Asians. 
  3. In terms of receiver / body weapons, 70% SS3 material made with ingredients of high-impact resistant polymer la Steyr AUG lightweight but strong. In terms of design, the receiver and the entry place maknisme magazine, handguard, and pistol grip are still faithfully adhere to SS2 model offers a familiarity that can facilitate users, especially from the TNI / Police (primary consumers), while the buttstock / adopt a model of congenital rifle butts Keltec RFB ( Forward ejecting Bullpup rifle) at the shoulder ergonomic operator. 
  4. Equipped with rails that are attached picatiny kuadrupel (four sides); top, right, left, and under the handguard which offers accommodation supporting the use of optics and accessories are flexible; ex: installation of front grip on SS3 V1 to facilitate the acquisition target or bipod like variant SS3 Sharpshooter V4. 
  5. Viewfinder system still uses the standard model of congenital pisir pejera shaped carrying handle SS2 property. Special pejera, can be folded down and merge with gas cylinders when not in use. Thanks adannya picatiny rail, the operator can replace them with optical in accordance with operating requirements / needs (SS3 V3 CQB optics paired with Israeli-made M21 Meprolight / SS3 V4 sharpshooter with optical lansiran Pindad). 
  6. Cocking Handle / lever is above pengokang kesua handguard on the side of the weapon making it easier for operators, especially left-handed operator to cock the weapon. 
  7. Ejection port / discharge hole shell casings are made on both sides. Once again to prevent the operator from the left-handed throw hot shell. Same with the system adopted by the Steyr AUG, the operator simply install the left bolt assembly and ejection port cover is left so that the sleeve exit through the right. 
  8. Fire selector / lever select mode also created an ambidextrous shot / made on both sides. 
  9. All variants can be paired with a bayonet SS3 congenital SS1, SS2, and M16 (bayonet m7) that can still be used in hand to hand combat. In addition, the same bayonet model will facilitate future Army logistics. 
  10. To add power o'clock, SS3 variants V1 and V3 can be fitted with either a grenade launcher SPG 1 (TNI standard rifle grenade launcher made by Pindad) and SPG 2 (model FN rifle grenade launcher for the F 2000). As the sight, the two variants of the above is equipped with leaf and Quadrant Sight to ensure accuracy up to 400m. 
  11. Special on SS3 V4 sharpshooter variant, the barrel of the rifle has a heavy profile barrel to ensure durability during sustained fire barrel (long series) as well as accuracy at long distances. Can be equipped with lightweight bipod to stabilize the weapon. Standard viewfinder system can be replaced with FN who had been scope inventory is owned by the TNI or pair it with other Pindad artificial optics. 
  12. SS3 barrel on all variants fitted with free floating barrels techniques to ensure accuracy from the first gun was fired. 


  1. Dude, did you just photoshopped SS2 and turned it into Bullpup configuration??

    1. Hey,I'm Indonesian
      That's not photoshopped :)

      SS2 modificated to Bullpup configuration as requested from Indonesian Elite Commando Force (Kopassus) needs and reduce the weight and height of it,and more compact so the name is really SS3

    2. Bullpup Pindad.